Volvo Trademarks XC50 Nameplate – Is It For A Compact Coupe SUV?

The Swedish company recently trademarked the XC50 nameplate and, according to AutoExpress, it concerns a compact coupe SUV that will rival the likes of the BMW X2/X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe from 2020, when it’s should be launched.

Moreover, the addition of coupe SUV was hinted by the brand’s Senior VP for EMEA, Lex Kerssemakers, who replied “potentially, but not in the short term” when asked about such a vehicle. “We cover 98 percent of the segments, so it’s more likely we’ll go further into the depths than expand”, he added.

Just like every Volvo on sale after 2019, the XC50 will benefit from at least one electrified powertrain, while the rest of the lineup will get some, if not all, of the internal combustion engines powering the XC40.

With the XC50 still being at least two years away from us, Volvo is currently focusing on the ’60’ lineup, with a new S60 saloon to join the brand new V60 estate that was unveiled three days ago.

Shortly after, the ’40’ range will gain a new Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus rival that will replace the current V40 and, most likely, retain the same designation.

The compact hatch should arrive before 2020, and if the timeframe is correct, then it will be revealed at around the same time as the Golf Mk8, which, according to a recent announcement by VW, will enter production next June.

Rendering courtesy of Ascariss Design

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