McLaren Senna GTR Concept Throws Down The Gauntlet

Despite having the word ‘Concept’ in its name, the McLaren Senna GTR has already been confirmed for production, following in the footsteps of the P1 GTR as a track-only model.

Underpinning the McLaren Senna GTR Concept is the same Monocage III structure as the ‘ordinary’ Senna. The GTR will weigh roughly the same as the road car but benefit from more grunt. At this stage, all McLaren has said is that horsepower will sit above 825 PS.

It is not the powertrain what really distinguishes the Senna GTR from the car on which it is based, however. Instead, the key differences lie in aerodynamics, including new front and rear fenders. An exceptionally huge front splitter and a rear diffuser fitting of a true race car are also present. These modifications will result in over 1000 kg of downforce, making the Senna GTR the fastest McLaren outside of Formula One.

McLaren chief executive Mike Flewitt has confirmed that up to 75 examples will be made for customers. To put that into perspective, there are 500 examples of the ordinary Senna bound for the production line. Exact technical specifications will be announced later this year and construction of the GTR will commence during 2019.

“The McLaren Senna was designed from the outset with the full spectrum of road and track requirements in mind, so developing a GTR version is within the scope of the original project,” said McLaren Automotive Design engineering director Dan Parry-Williams.

“The McLaren Senna GTR Concept unveiled in Geneva is not the finished article but it does give a clear indication of our thinking for the car, which promises to be the most extreme and exciting Mclaren to drive for many years, if not ever.”

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