We drive Ferrari’s split-personality Portofino convertible

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Ferrari has unleashed its new 200mph everyday supercar.

The new Ferrari Portofino, named after the exclusive upmarket seaside resort on the Italian Riviera, combines the romance of the open road with the undoubted thrill of the chase.

That’s because the iconic Italian brand’s new model has a split personality: in one moment it’s an easy-going grand tourer with impeccable manners, but the mere flick of a switch turns it into a full-blooded performance machine that’s powerful enough to rearrange your internal organs.

I was among the lucky few journalist hand-picked to have a first go in Ferrari’s new Jekyll and Hyde convertible.

Ferrari's split-personality supercar: Daily Mail's Ray Massey was one of the first journalists to get a first-hand experience of the new Jekyll and Hyde Portofino convertible Ray Massey got behind the wheel of Ferrari's new everyday supercar at the official launch in Italy Without doubt, Ray Massey would fancy his chances of out-running the local police in their Fiat Panda The Portofino replaces the outgoing California T and will be on sale in the UK from July priced from just over £166,000 Ferrari has upgraded the twin-turbo V8 engine so that it produces 40 horse power more than the car it supersedes Drivers can enjoy the Portofino has a hard-top GT car with plenty of rakish curves The powerful V8 engine in the Portofino helps it to accelerate from rest to 62mph in just 3.2 seconds It will hit 124mph in 10.8 seconds ¿ or about the same time it will take many family cars to reach half that speed Top speed is around 200mph. That means it will be up there among the quickest school-run motors parked on the other side of the playground There's not much room in the back, though there are Isofix mounting points if you need to fit a child car seat Up front, the interior is awash with carbon fibre, gorgeous leather and a trio of high-definition screens The name Portofino is taken from the exclusive upmarket seaside resort on the Italian Riviera - a more fitting replacement for the California name is ousts Optional extras will see the price of most Portofinos rise to -and beyond - £200,000, Ferrari says Daily Mail motoring correspondent Ray Massey said the performance easily surpassed both his skill and nerve, though thoroughly enjoyed his sea-side blast in the boxfresh Ferrari Ferrari's Nicola Boari said the new Portofino is 'the most everyday Ferrari we have ever created' Ferrari's Nicola Boari said the new Portofino is 'the most everyday Ferrari we have ever created'

Ferrari’s Nicola Boari said the new Portofino is ‘the most everyday Ferrari we have ever created’

Be prepared for the expensive options list 

Tempting extras will push up the price considerably including a two-tone paint job (£4,320), run-flat tyres (£2,208), Apple CarPlay (£2,400), front and rear parking cameras (£3,456) and a handy passenger display that lets the co-pilot see how fast the car is going, rpm, and gears, or what’s playing on the hi-fi (£3,360).

Proving just how easily the price can spiral, carbon fibre trim extras include a modest £480 for wheel caps, to £1,440 for a cup-holder, £2,496 for dashboard inserts, and £4,320 for the interior ‘driver zone’ and steering wheel, £4,992 for an under-door cover, and 20-inch forged diamond wheel trims for £4,608. 

The improved magnetically-controlled Magnaride Dual Mode suspension system will add another £3,168 to the final bill. 

Ferrari marketing chief Nicola Boari said of the new Portofino: ’This is the most everyday Ferrari we have ever created. But it also offers high speed stability when accelerating or cornering. You feel in control at all times.’

In the UK, the Portofino comes with a four-year warranty – with the option to extend to a fifth year for £2,880 – and a seven-year servicing deal.  


Style: Hard-top convertible ‘grand tourer’ GT

Price: from £166,180 (though customers typically spend another 15% on ‘extras)

First UK deliveries: July (600 pre-ordered globally)

Seats: 2 (plus 2 rear seats suitable for short trips)

Length: 4586mm

Width: 1938mm

Height: 1318mm

Wheelbase: 2670mm

Kerb weight: 1664kg

Dry weight: 1545kg

Top speed: 200mph 

0-62mph: 3.2 seconds 

0-124mph: 10.8seconds

Braking distance 62mph to 0mph: 34m

Engine: 3.9 litre (3855cc) twin-turbo V8 GT

Power: 600 horse-power 

Gears: 7-speed automatic F1 dual-clutch transmission with manual paddles 

Fuel consumption: 26.4mpg

Fuel tank: 80 litres

Fuel range: 458 miles 

CO2 emissions: 245g/km

Wheels: 20-inch alloy

Electronic controls: Includes Electric power steering, Electronic Stability programme (ESP), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), ‘E-Diff3’ rear differential.

Boot capacity: 292 litres (enough for three cabin bags with roof up, two with roof down)  



– Metal hood that retracts in 14 seconds at speeds of up to 30mph

– 80kg lighter than the California T it replaces, equivalent to the weight of a man

– 18-way electric adjustable seats standard in UK 

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